iOS – Simple sync example

Everyday we get some emails from you with questions how to synchronize Mobeelizer platform with mobile app.

Thus, we decided to start a series of tutorials to show you that the problem is trivial and there is a simple way to share data between multiple users and mobile devices.

Today, we would like to start with Simple Sync on iOS. At the beginning, you are required to familiar yourself with:


Before you start to code this example you have to follow these 4 steps.

  1. Create an application in App Designer called SimpleSync.
  2. Create a model in App Designer called SimpleSyncEntity.
  3. Deploy this application into the test environment.
  4. Download configured template for iOS project.

When you will be ready, you can follow next steps on docs to create Simple Sync example. After all, you should get an application consists of only one entity, which has one field. Main screen of application contains table with entities. User can add new entity and synchronize with Mobeelizer cloud. There are two users, so you can change users to observe synchronization happen.

Is it hard? Definitly not.

If you had any problems, write us on


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