iOS – Permissions example

You have already known our Simple and File Sync tutorial for the iOS platform. Today we would like to show you step by step how to deal with permissions in Mobeelizer for the iOS so you will now how to protect your shared data.

Start with reminding yourself:

This Application consists of only one model, which has two fields. The first one – Title – has default set of permissions, which means that it can be read, created and updated by any user. However, second field – Director – can be read, created and updated only by user, who owns this record. In this example we will see that first field is visible for both users, where second is visible only for creator. The main screen of our application contains list of model entities and two buttons. User can add new entity and synchronize with Mobeelizer cloud. There are two users in the system and there’s a possibility to switch user on application life time.

The whole steps of how to create this application you can find here. and the photo below shows the final result – what is the  influence of permissions on synchronization.

We wish you good luck :)

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