iOS – File sync example

Today we will show you how to synchronise Files with Mobeelizer on iOS platform. This example shows how to share binary data between multiple users and mobile devices.

As always, you should start with reminding yourself:

The Application, which you will be developing during this exampe  consists of only one model, which has one file field and look like this:

The main screen of application contains list of model entities and two buttons. User can add new entity and synchronize with Mobeelizer cloud. There are two users in the system and there’s a possibility to switch user on application life time.


Start with 4 easy steps:

  1. Create an application in App Designer called Files.
  2. Create a model in App Designer called FileSyncEntity.
  3. Deploy this application into the test environment.
  4. Download configured template for iOS project.


The rest steps of synchronizing Files you will find here.


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